Top 5 Platforms To Build Chatbot

By Ketan Sartape | 03 January 2018 03:05 Pm 


Hi, How can I help you? I  am sure you may have interacted with this type of messages on any website. These types of messages are sent by a chatbot. A chatbot is created using Chabot publishing tool.  A chatbot publishing tool is a medium through which that chatbot can be accessed by the user. A chatbot is similar like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat which provides you with a platform to share your thoughts which would be visible to your friends. So, if you are thinking about to create a chatbot, here are the top 5 chatbot platforms you should know about,

1. Botsify :


Botsify is a popular Facebook Messenger chatbot platform. You need to just drag and drop template to create a bot.  Peoples who don't have technical knowledge can also create bot because of its just a drag and drop process. You don't need any coding skills to create a bot. Botsify platform provides service for one bot and payable thereafter.

2. AiVo:


Aivo powers your customer support with the help of Artificial intelligence bots. It helps you to respond in real time with text or voice. You can optimize your resources and increase conversions. Avio's Agentbot understands the rules of each channel and adapts automatically to respond. You can give your customers a personalized experience. It can integrate easily with third-party integrations like Salesforce, Zendesk, WhatsApp and many more.

3. QnA Maker :


QnA Maker offers a basic free plan to try out the platform. You can also get a paid subscription for $10 per month. QnA bot answers customers’ questions in a conversational way. You can train the bot based on the history of previous interaction. Also, you can integrate the bot into your app. 

4. Flow Xo :


Flow Xo Offers a free plan allows you to create 5 bots, enables 500 interactions with users, and two weeks of logs. If you want more bots then you can buy a paid account that varies from $19 to $144. You can save your data to analyze and track it to Google Sheets.

5. Chatter On :


Chatterton is a chatbot building platform which gives you the required tools to build Facebook Messenger chatbots without any coding knowledge. Chatterton is India’s first full stack chatbot building platform and far superior in ease of development and functionalities than its international counterparts. All the bots on Chatterton's platform are powered by a proprietary self-learning contextual AI.

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